In a perfect world, everything on this site would be self explanatory. In reality, you might still have some questions. If this document doesn't help you with those, you might want to consider contacting us via our facebook page.

Isn't your name Pitot.io?

Pitot was and is the original name for this website, and is being retained for internal use.

What are your plans for a mobile application?

We want to develop a mobile application which is able to work offline, and duplicates some of the functionality of the site. The plan is to make it for Android *and* iPhone. However, before we do that we need to build up the website and ensure that we have a viable business. We have the skills, just not the time at present!

How long does it take for you to include a logo that is missing?

We usually get onto it within a couple of days, but if you're still seeing the little question mark after a week please contact us directly to hurry it along.

Can I have access to your database?

Yeah, the airline and airports databases are free. Other bits are not. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this.